Rhodesian Ridgeback Puppy!

Rhodesian Ridgebacks are dogs that love to run. In fact, they are naughty little puppies once you let them off the leash. They like to run at their fast speeds in open spaces. Another neat thing about Ridgebacks are that they have a ridge of hair running along their spine. It runs in the opposite direction the the rest of their fur coat, but not all Ridgebacks have this distinct feature.

Like most larger dogs, the Ridgeback was bread in Africa as hunting dogs. They were used to chase and corner large game like lions, bears, and boars! They are still often used as hunting dogs today. In order to have the dog become a great hunter, they need a firm hand a quite a bit of training, but if you are to harsh with the dog, they will take even longer to train.

Ridgebacks are very protective of their owner, but they do it quietly, thank goodness for that! Instead of barking, they place their large muscular body in between the owner and the threat. They do not bark, growl, or attack as their first option.

That is all for today boys and girls! Hope you enjoyed learning about another breed of puppies as much as I did, and as always, if you have an idea on what the next puppy should be, leave me a comment!


Dog Shows

This week I am going to do something a little bit different. This last weekend I went to a dog show down in Madison. There I saw hundreds of dogs, from small to large, from short fur to long fur. It was one of the best days of my life. But even though dog shows are great to look at, but I also learned quite a few things while I was there.

First, I saw my Bernese Mountain Dog, the dog of my dreams, and there I talked to the owners on what they require in order to give them a happy life. One thing I learned about those dogs is that they are the most family friendly dog out there. I also learned that they have a wait list from the breeders that could be a year or more, so in order to get a BMD when I would want to, I would have to sign up now.

Then, the next thing I learned at the dog show was how to train puppies. They say that each puppy has to be trained differently. Some require the harsh tone, and the dominance factor, while others, such as BMD’s, require more of a loving touch.

Going to the dog show was a great experience, and other than having hand that smell like dog for the next few hours, it was totally worth it. This was a little tangent from what I normally do but I think it was a worthy thing to share. For next week if there is anything you would like to see leave a comment!

They are called Golden Retrievers for a reason!

Golden Retrievers are gorgeous dogs, there is no doubt about that. Their long soft, sleek fur, makes it hard for anyone to disagree with that. Although they are gorgeous dogs, they have more to share. In fact they are one of the most popular family pets. This is because their love to play. For example if you were to throw a ball into the lake, they would chase that without a second of hesitation. They are huge fans of the water.

Golden Retrievers are also more than a family dog, they are a working dog. They are often used on search and rescue teams because of their great sense of smell and tracking abilities. They also make great therapy dogs, because when you see one come up and cuddle onto you, how could you not gain a smile? They are also considered the fourth smartest dog breed, which is quite impressive for the tracking skills.

Also, there are three different types of Golden Retrievers, and they all vary in color! First, there is the British type, where their coat is a bit lighter than the other two. Next is the American type, which tend to be more lankier and less muscular. Their fur is also more golden-orange on their back. Finally there is the Canadian type, which tend to be thinner and have a darker coat than the others.

That is all I have for Golden Retrievers, and again if there is any breed you would like to see, please do hesitate to drop a comment and I will get to it next week!


Poodles, the dog originally meant for hunting! But how can that be? They seem so… docile. Poodles came from the German pudel, or puddle, and that refers to a dog splashing in puddles of water. They were originally bread for water foul while out on camping trips. The first poodles were larger dogs weighing from forty pounds and up to seventy pounds.

Have you ever wondered why poodles hair is like no other dog out there? Well there is a purpose behind it. The purpose is to keep the dog’s joints and vital organs warm when splashing around in water. The rest of the hair is chopped off in order to avoid tangles. Their hair also grows to an infinite length if they are not groomed, and if left long enough, the hair will into chords, much like dreadlocks.

Finally, and most importantly for some people, poodles are allergy friendly. This means that people who are allergic to dogs, are able to have a poodle and the poodle will not effect their allergies.

That is all for poodles for today. Again, if there is anything you would like to see next week, comment!

Bernese Mountain Dogs!!


Look at this beautiful dog! Not only does it have a good looking coat, but it also is beyond soft! The Bernese Mountain Dogs are one of the larger dogs out there. They can get to be 25-28 inches tall, and they can weight up to 110 lbs. That’s a HUGE dog.

Why are BMD’s so large? Well they are used as farmland dogs out in Switzerland. They are used to heard cattle, pull carts, and be a watchdog, but most importantly, a loyal companion. BMD’s come from the breed of the Bern, which is one reason they have the name they do.

Why wouldn’t anyone want a dog like this? Besides the mess they would leave behind, and they would eat you out of your house. The few BMD’s that I have seen around have been the most friendly dog out there, and would be a great family pet.

This is all about BMD’s, for now. Again, if you have any suggestions on what type of dog I could do next leave a comment!

WEINERS! Weiner dogs silly…

Did you know the true name for weiner dogs is Dachshund? Dachshunds are known to be loveable little lap dogs but they are also used as sports dogs as well. These furry little friends can be quite ferocious as they hunt rabbits and other burrowing animals. This is where the sports come about! There are large competitions between dachshunds to see which dog can make it through a burrow course the fastest. Along with burrow races there are also regular foot, or should I saw paw, races that they can partake in.

Dachshunds come in three different sizes: large, standard, and miniature.  The large breed size weighs in at around 30 Р35 lbs and are used for hunting badgers and bears! The standard breed size weighs in at around 16 Р22 lbs and are used for hunting foxes and hares while the last breed size weighs in at under 11 lbs! These little ones are mainly used as household buddies for us.

It was said that Nazis taught a Dachshund to speak… This was back in World War I, and they boasted about how they successfully taught the dog to speak, read, and even communicate telepathically. How weird is that? They even created a special program for dogs, since they thought they were as smart as humans, called Hundersprechschule Asra. How the speaking worked was that with different number of barks would equate to a different letter.

Hope you enjoyed weiners today, and stay tuned for next week!

Labs Are Dogs That Everyone Can Love!


Labs are amongst some of the greatest breeds of dogs out there. They are playful, loyal, and all around great! I had a chocolate lab when I was younger, and he was the best dog I could ever ask for. The only downfall was that he was too playful. You might ask yourself if that is even possible, but it is. I would throw the ball around with him for hours at a time, because he just never got tired.

Labs are also great for hunting. One reason for this is because they love water, and they have oils in their fur to make them dry off faster. They also, as mentioned before, really well at being trained. They pick up fast, and listen like most other dogs would not.

Here are some fun facts about labs I am sure you did not know about! https://thoughtcatalog.com/daniel-hayes/2015/07/labs-the-superstar-dog/

If you guys have any ideas on the next breed of dog I should blog about, drop some comments!