Dog Shows

This week I am going to do something a little bit different. This last weekend I went to a dog show down in Madison. There I saw hundreds of dogs, from small to large, from short fur to long fur. It was one of the best days of my life. But even though dog shows are great to look at, but I also learned quite a few things while I was there.

First, I saw my Bernese Mountain Dog, the dog of my dreams, and there I talked to the owners on what they require in order to give them a happy life. One thing I learned about those dogs is that they are the most family friendly dog out there. I also learned that they have a wait list from the breeders that could be a year or more, so in order to get a BMD when I would want to, I would have to sign up now.

Then, the next thing I learned at the dog show was how to train puppies. They say that each puppy has to be trained differently. Some require the harsh tone, and the dominance factor, while others, such as BMD’s, require more of a loving touch.

Going to the dog show was a great experience, and other than having hand that smell like dog for the next few hours, it was totally worth it. This was a little tangent from what I normally do but I think it was a worthy thing to share. For next week if there is anything you would like to see leave a comment!


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