They are called Golden Retrievers for a reason!

Golden Retrievers are gorgeous dogs, there is no doubt about that. Their long soft, sleek fur, makes it hard for anyone to disagree with that. Although they are gorgeous dogs, they have more to share. In fact they are one of the most popular family pets. This is because their love to play. For example if you were to throw a ball into the lake, they would chase that without a second of hesitation. They are huge fans of the water.

Golden Retrievers are also more than a family dog, they are a working dog. They are often used on search and rescue teams because of their great sense of smell and tracking abilities. They also make great therapy dogs, because when you see one come up and cuddle onto you, how could you not gain a smile? They are also considered the fourth smartest dog breed, which is quite impressive for the tracking skills.

Also, there are three different types of Golden Retrievers, and they all vary in color! First, there is the British type, where their coat is a bit lighter than the other two. Next is the American type, which tend to be more lankier and less muscular. Their fur is also more golden-orange on their back. Finally there is the Canadian type, which tend to be thinner and have a darker coat than the others.

That is all I have for Golden Retrievers, and again if there is any breed you would like to see, please do hesitate to drop a comment and I will get to it next week!


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