Poodles, the dog originally meant for hunting! But how can that be? They seem so… docile. Poodles came from the German pudel, or puddle, and that refers to a dog splashing in puddles of water. They were originally bread for water foul while out on camping trips. The first poodles were larger dogs weighing from forty pounds and up to seventy pounds.

Have you ever wondered why poodles hair is like no other dog out there? Well there is a purpose behind it. The purpose is to keep the dog’s joints and vital organs warm when splashing around in water. The rest of the hair is chopped off in order to avoid tangles. Their hair also grows to an infinite length if they are not groomed, and if left long enough, the hair will into chords, much like dreadlocks.

Finally, and most importantly for some people, poodles are allergy friendly. This means that people who are allergic to dogs, are able to have a poodle and the poodle will not effect their allergies.

That is all for poodles for today. Again, if there is anything you would like to see next week, comment!


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