Bernese Mountain Dogs!!


Look at this beautiful dog! Not only does it have a good looking coat, but it also is beyond soft! The Bernese Mountain Dogs are one of the larger dogs out there. They can get to be 25-28 inches tall, and they can weight up to 110 lbs. That’s a HUGE dog.

Why are BMD’s so large? Well they are used as farmland dogs out in Switzerland. They are used to heard cattle, pull carts, and be a watchdog, but most importantly, a loyal companion. BMD’s come from the breed of the Bern, which is one reason they have the name they do.

Why wouldn’t anyone want a dog like this? Besides the mess they would leave behind, and they would eat you out of your house. The few BMD’s that I have seen around have been the most friendly dog out there, and would be a great family pet.

This is all about BMD’s, for now. Again, if you have any suggestions on what type of dog I could do next leave a comment!


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