WEINERS! Weiner dogs silly…

Did you know the true name for weiner dogs is Dachshund? Dachshunds are known to be loveable little lap dogs but they are also used as sports dogs as well. These furry little friends can be quite ferocious as they hunt rabbits and other burrowing animals. This is where the sports come about! There are large competitions between dachshunds to see which dog can make it through a burrow course the fastest. Along with burrow races there are also regular foot, or should I saw paw, races that they can partake in.

Dachshunds come in three different sizes: large, standard, and miniature.  The large breed size weighs in at around 30 – 35 lbs and are used for hunting badgers and bears! The standard breed size weighs in at around 16 – 22 lbs and are used for hunting foxes and hares while the last breed size weighs in at under 11 lbs! These little ones are mainly used as household buddies for us.

It was said that Nazis taught a Dachshund to speak… This was back in World War I, and they boasted about how they successfully taught the dog to speak, read, and even communicate telepathically. How weird is that? They even created a special program for dogs, since they thought they were as smart as humans, called Hundersprechschule Asra. How the speaking worked was that with different number of barks would equate to a different letter.

Hope you enjoyed weiners today, and stay tuned for next week!


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